The greatest advantage

of The Laws of Aesthetics is that the book goes beyond the mere physical level and also addresses the psychological and environmental factors that contribute to and often determine your ability to achieve fat loss and perfect abs.

From fat loss secrets to ideal fat loss nutrition, workout, and supplement programs, The Laws of Aesthetics puts it all together for you in an easy and entertaining read.

You’ll be provided with a step-by-step outline of exactly what you need to do to drop as much body fat as necessary and attain the best-looking abs and body possible.

This book is also associated with a support website featuring instructional videos and helpful tips to enhance your understanding of the information provided here.


Here is an outline of what you will learn in this book:

  • Tested, proven strategies to overcome inconsistencies in training and diet.
  • How to establish a lifestyle and environment that will facilitate fat loss and healthy living.
  • Ideal fat loss diets: you will never have to second-guess your food choices again. I provide you with the best fat loss nutrition program there is.
  • Ideal fat loss workouts: never feel lost or confused at the gym. Know exactly what to do from the second you step into the gym to the second you step out.
  • How to live a health-centered lifestyle.
  • Stress and its effects on fat loss.
  • How to obtain perfect posture.