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· Discover why working out and diet are two of the LEAST important variables in any training routine.


· Learn how to change your thought patterns so that they help you instead of hinder you during your fat loss journey.


· Learn how to establish a lifestyle and environment that will facilitate fat loss and healthy living.


· Ideal fat loss diets: you will never have to second-guess your food choices again. I provide you with the best fat loss nutrition program there is.


· Ideal fat loss workouts: never feel lost or confused at the gym. Know exactly what to do from the second you step into the gym to the second you step out.


· Learn about intensity and how to maximize your mental focus in the gym.


· Learn how to properly recover between workouts and keep your body young and injury free forever.


· Stress and its effects on fat loss.


· Learn about rare tricks that will help you bring your body fat percentage to an all time low.


· The benefits of being fit go beyond health and wellness. Learn about the countless other benefits of being fit.


· Life doesn’t have to be about grinding away at the office. Learn about alternative lifestyles  that focus more on your mental and physical health.


· How to obtain perfect posture.


· How to keep your skin from aging quickly


· About Evgeny Trufkin




Once you have established the right mindset—which, once again, lays the foundation for any training routine and largely determines whether you’re going to see your goal through–you still have to contend with lifestyle and environmental factors. These factors play a major role in your journey. Here are some key variables to consider and possibly modify to optimize your results:

A Room Built for Success:

The first place you need to start is your room. Your living space is important because it’s the first thing you see upon waking up, and the last thing you see before going to bed. To get the most out of a training program, you need to optimize your room to attain your goal of a perfect body. Here are some key ways to do so:

The Vision Board:

If you have trouble seeing long term goals through, a vision board might be the solution. A vision board is basically a collection of images of things a person is trying to achieve and what they want to have in life.

Here is what you need to do:

Step 1: Purchase a paper board at your local Wal-Mart or Target. At home, search online or in magazines for pictures representing your idea of a perfect body, as well as pictures illustrating anything you associate with having a perfect body and enjoying perfect health. These benefits might include getting positive attention, having your pick of romantic partners, or being generally perceived as more attractive; thus, you might look for images of beautiful, healthy people enjoying their health and fitness, gym pictures, pictures of attractive people with perfect skin or hair, pictures of ideal looking body parts such as chest, arms, shoulder, abs, etc. Cut these pictures out or print them out, and glue them on this board. Make it into a huge collage.

Step 2: Once you’re finished with your vision board, you need to create a strategy for how to achieve that vision. This is called the Strategy Board. Don’t worry–I know you probably don’t know how to attain the perfect body yet… that’s why you bought this book!  However, I will soon outline that strategy for you here, so all you will need to do is depict it.

For the strategy board, buy a dry erase board and a few dry markers. (Yes, all these boards will cost a little bit of money, but consider it an investment in making yourself a better person and improving your quality of life.) When you work on improving yourself, you never lose. You can go to Home Depot and buy an oversized dry board called a DPI Board for very cheap.

Step 3: Place this board in the most visible portion of your room so that when you wake up, the board will be the first thing you see every single morning. If you look at this board first thing in the morning, all of your thoughts and actions that day will be primed to accomplish your goal. The board is also the last thing you’re going to see before going to bed, once again reminding you of all of your goals. Ensuring constant awareness to your goals and providing yourself with constant reminders of these goals is a great way to consistently see your plans through. Implement this strategy and you will quickly notice that you are accomplishing many more of your objectives.

Role Model Board:

Having role models who are, one way or another, aligned with your desires in life is another way to see goals through and accomplish everything you want to accomplish. Your role models should represent positive traits such as discipline, hard work, integrity, fearlessness, strength of character etc. Having pictures of these people in your room will remind you every day of the person you want to and need to become in order to achieve your desires.

Weekly Calendar:

A weekly calendar is an outline of exactly what needs to be done every single day during the week. Planning everything a week in advance and having the discipline to carry out that planning provides a sure path to success. Every single successful person in the world does this to a certain extent, and so should you if you want to be successful. Beyond increasing your efficiency and productivity during the week, another tremendous benefit of having a weekly calendar is decreasing your stress levels. By being more organized and purpose-driven during the week, you will feel less scattered in your thoughts and actions, and you will therefore experience far less stress. Also, train yourself to perceive these weekly calendars as contracts that you’re obligated to accomplish no matter what–and really hold yourself accountable for fulfilling these contracts.

Once again, you really must have the discipline and maturity to religiously follow your weekly calendar. In other words, you have to become a responsible, intelligent adult. You also have to get in the habit of doing and thinking about ONE ACTIVITY at a time. What I mean by this is that when you’re at your job, you should be thinking about nothing but your job. When you’re working out, you want to be 100% absorbed in the workout, mentally and physically – not checking your phone, carrying on a conversation or watching the latest sporting event. You need to teach yourself to be 100% focused, mentally and physically, on one activity at a time.

Most people try to do far too many things at once, or allow themselves to be constantly distracted even as they are trying to accomplish something. Everyone knows that guy at the gym … the one who is endlessly walking around, chatting to people around him, or checking Facebook or his phone. Has his body changed at all in the last couple of years?

No. Why?

He hasn’t mastered the art of concentrated effort. Or what about that friend who is always talking about achieving this and that?  It sounds impressive, and he certainly seems to have big plans–but

for some reason he never achieves anything noteworthy. Well, the reason he doesn’t achieve anything is because he hasn’t mastered the art of concentrated effort, among other problems.

How to Have More Time for Workouts and Less Stress During the Week:

I see so many people who keep themselves terribly busy throughout the day with stuff that gets them nowhere closer to where they want to be in life. They are doing things that keep them busy, take up their time, take up their energy, and increase their stress, but in NO SHAPE OR FORM help them make any headway with their most important goals. Year after year flies by and they ask themselves why they’re so busy, but never progressing in life — just getting busier.

It’s a mystery to them… but it shouldn’t be.

Here is what you need to do to separate yourself from the aimless zombie crowd:

Step 1: First and foremost, get rid of Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and any other social media website you have. Your life would be a lot more interesting if you spent less of your free time on that nonsense and more of your free time actually doing cool stuff. By getting rid of these sites, you not only free up your time, but you also have one less thing to check and worry about on a day-to-day basis. This will align your thought patterns more closely with your goals, you’ll become more socially active in real life, and you’ll feel less overwhelmed during the day. This will lead to less stress and more energy. Stress is a massive energy drain, so anything you can do to decrease stress, no matter how small, will lead to more energy.

Step 2: Second, leave your personal phone in the car when you go to work, and only check it during lunch and when you get off work. I personally only check my phone during lunch time. Unless you’re the president of the United States, there is no reason whatsoever to be on standby waiting to respond to every single text, voicemail, and email on the dot.

Step 3:Personal email, just like cell phone use, needs to be limited throughout the day for all the same reasons listed in point 2.

Step 4: Don’t watch the news on TV. Ever. I mean it. Daily news in America is hopelessly negative, and can only cause you to feel down. 99% of broadcasts and stories are about people facing hopeless problems, tragedy, petty gossip and other negative subject material. The worst thing you can do is to watch the news first thing in the morning. Talk about programming your brain with negative thoughts right from the get-go! One morning in college, when I was having breakfast with a couple of fellow students, I noticed that the news was playing in the background and that the conversations at the table tended to be negative. The next morning, I turned off the TV before anyone got to the cafeteria and started a conversation on a positive note. All of the sudden, everyone was talking about positive things at the table. Many scientific studies on human behavior can objectively confirm this common-sense observation. Bottom line: don’t watch the news.

And no, you’re not an uninformed and irresponsible citizen just because you don’t watch the news—most of the TV news we watch is without meaningful content anyway, diluted and exaggerated.

Step 5: In fact, if you’re seriously dedicated about getting the most out of life, just stop watching TV all together. I was never a big TV watcher, but after college I quit cold turkey. I don’t even own a TV anymore. All of the sudden I had 4-5 extra hours per week to do other, more productive things, like learn how to dance, take classes on how to be a better public speaker, and other stuff that has helped me far more than anything I could possibly get from watching TV. Also, people tend to watch TV when they have nothing to do. Since they’re already in an idle and passive state, their brain is especially receptive to any information they happen to be watching at any given moment. If you watch the news, which spits out negative trash left and right, you’ll think negatively. If you watch reality TV shows that are filled with aimless, selfish attention seekers, you’ll be more likely to emulate that lifestyle and become like them (please don’t).

The general idea here is: if it doesn’t relate to your goal, simply don’t give it your attention or your energy. You really have to train yourself to be selective about the information your brain takes in on a daily basis.

Let us take a look at a chart that exhibits how much less stressful a person’s day is when it’s not overloaded with useless information and petty, unproductive tasks:


As you can see,  Person B, who is not on information overload, is clearly less stressed, and has more available time throughout the day. You have to be strict with yourself to make this happen.



If certain people distract you from pursuing your goals, you must quickly stop associating with these people. They’re poison and they will be toxic to your sense of motivation. Get rid of your





and disorganized friends.

They have a weak mentality because they are slaves to their instincts—they suffer from a pathological need for constant pleasure, instant gratification, and mindless entertainment. They’re the type of people who will quickly throw away their dreams if any sort of risk is associated with them. They won’t commit to any goals that go against social norms or stand in the way of the next cool party or club event. These people are weak and afraid of their own shadow.  Erase their numbers and erase them from your life, immediately.

Instead, you need to find people who are rich in character and education, intensely dedicated and driven, and out to bring change to the world.

Naturally, you should also stay away from the general party/club/bar crowd as well as the more obviously destructive and self-destructive types: drug addicts, people with serious emotional problems, and so on.

Virtuous Cycle of Activities:

Everything you do in your day must benefit and get you closer to your desire of attaining a perfect body. Avoid activities which will not benefit the pursuit of your desired goal. Doing so will only waste your time and detract from your efforts.

For instance, reading a book on psychology and motivation gets you closer to attaining your desired goal, while reading a fantasy book does not. Why? Because learning about motivation helps you understand how to not get burned out in the pursuit of your desire. Reading a fantasy book, on the other hand, has no relevance to your goals and doesn’t get you a step closer to attaining it. Fantasy fiction offers no knowledge that you can apply to get closer to your goal. In fact, reading a fantasy book sets you back, because now you have spent 20 hours or more reading a book, but you are no closer to your goal than before.

This general rule works with everything. Because time is limited, and you want your desire to be fulfilled as fast as possible, everything you do must support your desired goal.

As an example, this is what I did in college:

I wanted to be intellectually accomplished, but I also wanted to be physically fit.  Mastering one of those things takes a lifetime, but mastering both takes some serious time management skills, a mature character, and solid planning. You only have 24 hours in a day. You only have one brain, two legs, and two arms.

How could I merge the two without sacrificing either? Well, I thought to myself, I’ll pick up the study of psychology. Psychology will teach me about the human mind and how to improve my motivation and confidence. I will become wiser and more educated through the study of psychology, and I will use my knowledge of motivation and confidence to achieve any goal, such as being physically fit and earning straight As.

The sense of wellbeing that results from being physically fit will enhance the quality of all aspects of my life and will thus improve my studies. My improved studies will then enhance my judgment, which will then lead to more intelligent choices and better workouts. Do you see the cycle?

Relationships – Should I Have Them?

In order to live the disciplined lifestyle needed to attain a perfect body and accomplish anything extraordinary, you must stay out of unproductive relationships, and in my opinion it is usually preferable to stay out of serious relationships in general.

I’ll break this up into two topics:

Relationships: it’s no secret that romantic relationships entail a huge time commitment. In many cases, this is time which could be more productively spent on business ventures, making more money, living an adventurous lifestyle, or in the case of this book – attaining a perfect body.

Let’s say we have two equally driven computer scientists that both want to make it to the top of the company. One is in a serious relationship, the other isn’t. The single guy has a massive advantage over the one who is in a relationship and here is why: imagine both subjects work equal hours. Once the workday is over, the one in a relationship has to go home and presumably spend a few of the nights with his partner—sharing meals, going to a movie, etc., if he wants the relationship to continue. All this means that he’s wasting about 3-4 hours a day doing something that is not going to advance his promotion at work or his career in any way.

On the other hand, the single computer science guy can spend his free 3-4 hours studying new ways of programming, figuring out how to get promoted, and advancing his education by researching and reading in his field. This increases his competency level and eventually leads him to become a master of computer programming. He soon begins to be perceived as the most competent employee in the company. Because of this, he becomes extremely valuable and difficult to replace. He continues his hard work and eventually becomes president of the company.


What has the guy in a relationship been up to? Well, he got to spend a lot of time with his girlfriend, who later became his wife. He didn’t have much spare time to begin with, but after they had their first kid, he definitely had no time at all anymore. He did get promoted here and there, because he is pretty smart, but he’s a few levels below the president of the company. It’s not really his fault. The relationship took up too much time and he just didn’t have as much time and energy to invest into the company as the other guy. He let a few advancement opportunities pass him by because of his family situation, and this also really held him back. Five years later, he ended up divorcing the woman he thought he would love for the rest of his life. Because the relationship is now gone, so is his valuable time investment of 5 years. He basically wasted half a decade and has no progress, professionally, to show for it.

Also, understand that if you’re not happy with where you are currently in life, all a relationship will do is anchor you more deeply in that lifestyle, especially if you go on to have children. If you’re not happy with where you are, you should be spending your free time figuring out a way out of that situation–not getting into relationships or dating.

Unless your partner is truly on top of their game, tremendously outgoing, productive and goal driven, they’re just going to end up holding you back—it’s likely they will not understand your drive and commitment. Your mind has to be 100% locked into your desired goal. Too many people waste away in doomed relationships instead of pursuing extraordinary accomplishments. Don’t be one of those people.

Brandon Lee


Yes, I’ve lost a total of 60lbs training with Eugene–but it goes far beyond that. He has completely transformed my quality of life in general. I used live an average lifestyle. I would go to work, come home late at night to play videos games and eat fast food, and drink my weekends away at bars and clubs. On vacation, I would do something lame, like hit up a few parties. I’ve dropped that lifestyle completely. I spend my vacations traveling overseas and hiking exotic mountains. On the weekend I love to go hiking or do other outdoor activities. I haven’t been to a bar or club in years. I work out three or four times a week, if not more. I’ve completely stopped eating fast food, and my blood work results have never looked better.